Ladies' individual

 personal training


Christian Based

Personal Training

Individually Designed

For Your Own

Personal Needs

Training Based On

The Following Scriptures

Mark 12:29-31 (NLT)

29 Jesus replied, “The most important

 commandment is this: ‘Listen, O Israel!

 The Lord our God is the

one and only Lord.

30 And you must love

 the Lord your God with

 all your heart,

all your soul,

all your mind, and

all your strength.’[a]

31 The second is equally important:

‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

No other commandment

is greater than these.”

Romans 12:1-2  (NLT)

A Living Sacrifice to God

12 And so, dear

brothers and sisters,[a]

I plead with you to give

your bodies to God

because of all he has done for you.

 Let them be a

living and holy sacrifice—

the kind he will find acceptable.

This is truly the

way to worship him.[b]

Don’t copy the behavior and

  customs of this world,

but let God transform

you into a new person

by changing the

way you think.

Then you will learn

 to know God’s

will for you,

which is good and

pleasing and perfect.

You Are A Five Part Being, 

Spirit, Soul, Mind,

Strength And Body,


All Five Parts Of Your Being

Must Be Trained Together

With The Total Understanding

Of How They Effect Each Other.

If Not, Your Training At Least

Will Be Incomplete.

At Worst It Be Totally Unsuccessful.

 My Education And Training  BS Degree With Study In

Physical Education,

Psychology Of Relations,

Nutrition.  Ministerial Training Degree

 Studying Bible's Untold Truths.  Certified Personal Trainer. Certified Aerobics Kick Boxing

Instructor  Multiple Counseling Programs

Offered Through Different

Church Organizations And

Purchases Of Video

Counseling Training Courses.  

Personal Experiences  Tumbling And Cheerleader 

Coach For High School And

College Students

For 43 Years.  Worked As A College Instructor

Teaching College Gymnastic Classes  Worked For One To One

Personal Fitness And As A Private

Personal Trainer For Multiple Years  Director of Large

Singles Ministry  for

Several Years.  I Have Held Every

Position In Church

Organizations Except

Church Secretary And Deacon.

Personal Training For

Private Or Small Group

Training Includes  Weight Room, Exercise And

 Aerobics Kick Boxing Training  Diet And Nutrition   Teaching And Counseling

To Help You

Understanding Total Self



The Following Are Offered

To Current Clients

At No Charge  Whirl Pool Therapy (No Charge) Organic Coconut Oil Therapy (No Charge) Liver Cleansing  (No Charge) Lymph System Cleansing (No Charge) Water Aerobics

Hiking  (No Charge)  Trail And Mountain Bike Riding   (No Charge)  Kayaking  (No Charge)

Retail Price: First Hour

Based On Your Financial Ability

Second Hour: Always  Free

  Introduction Discount

First Two Weeks Free

Please Text Me

ronald price  205-937-1002

Email Me

Payment Methods


Transfer Though   User Name ronaldprice

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