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Stair Steps To Heaven 

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Seven Scriptural Steps To your God Given Ministry.

Step 5) All were judged according to their deeds.

Revelations 20:12-14  New Living Translation (NLT).

12 I saw the dead, both great and small,

standing before God’s throne.

And the books were opened,

including the Book of Life.

And the dead were judged according to what

they had done, as recorded in the books.

13 The sea gave up its dead,

and death and the grave gave up their dead.

And all were judged according to their deeds.

Step 6) The Word Of God Makes It Very Clear. We

All Have A God Given Ministry To Take Care Of Those,

Less Fortunate Than We Are. 

Matthew 6:33-34 New Living Translation

 33 Seek the Kingdom of God

above all else, and live righteously, and

he will give you everything you need

The Following Scripture Is God's  Example

 Of Making The Kingdom Of God

First Place In Our Daily Lives.

Luke 10:33-34 New Living Translation

 33 “Then a despised Samaritan came along, and

when he saw the man, he felt compassion for him.

34 Going over to him, the Samaritan soothed his wounds

with olive oil and wine and bandaged them.

Then he put the man on his own donkey and

took him to an inn, where he took care of him

Well, All of that sounds great and wonderful.

It would be nice to wake up in the morning and

there was manna laying on the ground,

but I have not found any yet.  When I have great need

or someone I know has great need, and there is nothing,

does that mean this scripture

"He will give you everything you need",

is no longer the truth?

Times are very hard for many people right now.

It is very hard to find answers and

a way to solve current financial struggles.  

Many people in this old world, have nothing

 left at the end of each day, to help someone else.

 Many times In My Life I have been That Person.

My Personal Story.

I started a family at age 22 and had an average

middle class American life until I was 39.

From age 39 to now, age 72, the greatest

roller-coaster designer in the world,

would have a hard time designing a coaster,

that would match my life's experiences.

At age 39 the young lady that was my first wife,

 that I spent 21 1/2 years with,

died at age 34 of cancer. My first wife

had my daughter at age 18. They basically

grew up together. Her moms death

led her to make many decisions that would create

many struggles for her for 10 years or so.

 These decisions still effects her life even until now.

The neighborhood that I spent 44 years of my life

in, had an economic change. This economic change

caused the loss of the business

I had spent 25 years creating. This caused the

 loss of the home I loved and had lived in

for 14 years.

From this point in 1994 till 2015,

many times, I slid down the financial rope

 till I reached the end, lost the strength

to hold on and was falling. If I had not had

family and friends to catch me and help me,

I would have ended up living under the bridge.

Honestly This Is Really The Job Of The Church.

But Some How We Have Lost The

Power Of The Scriptures That Would Drive Us,

 To Be This Kind Of Church.

Acts 2:44 And 4:34-35

44 And all the believers met together

 in one place and shared everything they had.

  34 There were no needy people among them,

because those who owned land or houses

 would sell them 35 and bring the money

to the apostles to give to those in need.

At age 60 my second wife,

who I had been with for 18 years died of Cancer.

She was half Filipino and at age 62,

I went to the Philippines to find me a third wife.

Many men from all over the world do that, and

have wonderful experiences. Not me,

 Look back at my pass, this was just par for my course.

But something wonderful happened

 from my Philippine experience.

I met a world I did not know existed.

In that world I met a group of beautiful and

determined young ladies. These young ladies are

single moms in the Philippines. The ones that I met,

lived in conditions beyond anything

that I can comprehend. The pet animals in

the neighborhood that I currently live in have a

live style much superior in every way, to the

real live human beings, these Filipino

single moms and their Children.

I am talking about these animals having

food, clothes, housing, medical

attention and relationships that are

 extremely superior to these

young ladies and their kids in the Philippines.

This experience of personally getting to know these

young ladies, and their individual stories,

changed my whole focus in life.

It became exciting to go to work each day,

just to make some more money to

help one of them. During the last

7 years I have gathered 7 moms and 23 kids.

I have been just floating along being very happy,

with what I was able to do to help these

young ladies and their kids. Several

years ago, I had another change

in my financial conditions, which greatly

reduced my cash flow. This led to

where I am today. Just a few months ago,

I took a good look at my financial conditions,

it became very clear to me if I keep

 living like I am living, it is not going to be long

& till I am in another big financial mess.

I turned to an old friend of mine that has helped

me many time went I was all out of help from others.

In 1982 I started work in my first home business,

which was named Amway.

I have been working in some type home

business, and then internet business for 38 years.

This Industry became a good friend of mine.

Many times in my life starting in 1994, it was the only

ray of light that kept me going. When I was 70 years old,

a young lady I had been working with in

this industry for 20 years, died of cancer.

I suffered the feeling of great loss with

her being gone. I was at a place

 in the industry, that I could walk away for awhile.

Because of the loss of this young lady

in my life, except for a few passive

income programs I did walk away.

A few months ago when I took a good look

at my finances, I turn back to this ray of light,

my old friend, the home business industry.

I asked the industry, what do you have for me.

 A week later another friend, that I

have worked with in the industry for many

years called me and said. I have found it.

That is just something we say to each other,

 when we think we have finally found it,

Found it meaning, that once in a life time business.

I thought to myself

 Wow, just when I am starting to look again.

I said ok, give me your web address,

 and let me go look at it. That is something

else we say to each other, just because

we are friends. This does not happen very often

in this industry, but I had to call him back and tell him,

I Think You Found It. The more I study this

 program the more I agree with him. I have been

looking for seven years now, for a program that

would work in the Philippines, for my young ladies

to use after I die. This program is it. If a person

could be successful with a program in the

Philippines, there are many other places in

the world a person could be successful,

working this program. Especially In my country,

the United States Of America.

"He will give you everything you need",

I am not saying that God is the one

who gave me this program. I am saying I know

the person who created this program,

I know he is a Christian. I know his heart

was right in trying to create a program

that could help in a time many people are

struggling financially in this world right now.

We All Need A Tool, Or At Least

 It Would Be Nice To Have A Tool,

That We Could Give To Someone, Like My

Filipino Young ladies, That Need A

Way To Generate Some Financial

Return, For Them Selves. If You live

In This World, There Are People

All Round You That Desperately Need

A Way Or An Additional Way To Generate,

Financial Return For Themselves.

Introducing Daily Digital Club.

Amazing Products, This Is A Digital Library,

Of Audio and Video Educational Teachings.

Exceptional Personal Business Opportunity.

This Pond Is Full Of Fish!!!


If you are blessed to be one of the fortunate,

here is a program that you can use to help

the less fortunate change their status in life.

The Old Saying, give someone a fish today and

they will be hungry tomorrow.

Teach someone how to fish and they

will have plenty to eat today and tomorrow.

Then they also can teach someone else how to fish.

If you consider yourself to be one of the less fortunate,

you struggle to meet your families financial need,

then you can use this program to

change your own financial status in life.

To begin understanding lets talk about

what this program is not. This Program is not a scam.

The most common rebuttal that you will here when you tell

someone about Daily Digital Club is, I am not getting

 involved In any more scams on the internet.

So what makes an internet program a scam.

You here a lot of wonderful promises about,

 how much money you are going to make.

You get excited, join, pay your money, and

you never receive a penny. So let us look at

an example of the start of this program.

Then you can decide if this program qualifies as a scam.

This is a start up example of how this program works.

A group of 100 people can come together and alphabetically

pay $25 USA cash, to join this club.

 99 of you will be instantly paid back 

in cash the $25  paid to become a member.

. If all 100 Of you put a quarter in a jar and

will give the jar to the last person that joined the club,

 Then everyone leaves and it cost everyone

0.25 cents to become a member of this club.

So this is a company that has a product,

You join the company and pay the person, that

sold you the membership directly.

Put the money in their hand.

Then you are now eligible to sale the memberships.

When you sale a membership, the person that buys

 the membership, puts the money in your hand.

There is no third party collecting

the money and then paying you. If that is a scam,

every time you buy something at any store,

you are being scammed. The other wonderful thing

about this program is it is a monthly program.

So every sale that you make will happen again next month.

If each person would generate just 5 sales,

the monthly return would be big enough that

they would never cancel their membership.

The Number Of One Time Sales It Takes,

To Generate A Noticeable Change In A

 Persons Personal Monthly Income Is Amazing.

I can be there personally or on video,

to help if there are any questions  

while people are signing up.

By the way, how much will I make

 at the time of sign up,

 for getting this 100 person group to join the club? I will make $25,

I make the first sell to the first member of the group.

 This is not multilevel marketing.

But this program has an extremely good pay program so

everyone that will learn this program and

work in this simple program,

 can have a very good financial return.

Take less than 10 minutes to learn

about and understand this program.

If Someone Other Than Me Gave You This Web Site,

Please Use Their Personal Web Site, For

The First Person In The Group To Join The Club.

Go To This web Site&

(Ronald Price dot U S)

On the opening page there is a 1.10 minute video.

 Click Watch Now

Then On The Top Menu Click (About)

The first video is 2.57 Minutes and

The second video is 2.49 Minutes.

If you have any questions call me immediately and

if I do not answer please text me.

Not very good with the voice mail, not my thing.

Each Church Member That Joins

This Club Needs To Share,

This Club Program With As Many Other,

Church Pastors, Neighbors, friends, relatives,

Work Mates and Family, As They Possibly Can.

Use Your On Personal Web Site To Share

 This Program. ,This Is Mine, Yours Will Look

Similar, But With Your Users Name.

(Daily Digital Club Dot Com Forward

Slash Question Mark i d Equals Sign Ronald Price)

You Are Welcome To Use,  

(Stair Steps To Heaven dot Com)


(Digital Income Online Dot Com)

When Joining This Program, Make Sure You Use

The Person's Personal Daily Digital Club Sales Page For

You The Individual Or First Group Member To Join.

The Bible's Untold truths.

The Bible Is Full Of Untold Truths.

This Is How You Find Them.

Step 7) The Holy Spirit Of God Wants Too,

Teach You The Word Of God.

When God Told Me To Do

This, He Called It The Challenge.

 God Told me To have The New Testament,

Matthew Through John, Playing

In My Presents 24/7. He Told Me

To Listen To It As Much As I Could, For Three Months.

Then God Told Me To Have Matthew Through Revelations,

Do The Same For Three Months. Was That Easy,

NO. Did I Mess Up Any, Yes I Did.

But I Gave It My Best, Try. I Learned A Lot Of

New Things I Had Never Heard Taught In The Bible.

Does God Want You To Listen To The Bible, YES!

How Much, Go Ask Him, He Will Tell You.

I John 2:26-27 New Living Translation (NLT)

I am writing these things to warn you about

those who want to lead you astray.

27 But you have received the Holy Spirit,

and he lives within you,

so you don’t need anyone to teach you what is true.

For the Spirit teaches you everything

you need to know,

and what he teaches is true,

it is not a lie. So just as he has taught you,

remain in fellowship with Christ.



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