Share Your

Daily Deals  


This Online Software Package

Is Created For Marketing and

For Businesses

To Offer Daily Deals.

Extremely Cost Effective

Advertising  Platform

Included In This Online Software Package  Your Very Own Programmable

Personal Web Site

To Share Your

Powerful Personal Statement  Web Site messages can

 be written in any language.  Free Hosting For Your Web Site.  Tiny URL Or Easily Forward

Personal Domain Name  Schedule 3 different

broadcast messages daily.  Share Your Web Site

 On Facebook, Twitter And

All Other Social Sites.

Share Your Web Site

 In Emails, Text messages,

On Signs, Cards and

 even On Your Auto

 Rear Windows.

The possibilities Are Endless.  Special Bonus,

Messaging  Beacon

 For USA only  Reach Dozens And

Even thousands Daily

 With This Powerful Beacon.  Automatically Share Your

 Personal Statement to

nearby Android Cell Phones

via Bluetooth Broadcasting.

 (range up to 100 yards)

 - approx. a football field

in every direction. Every "GoYoLo" message 

contains a clickable link.

When The Beacon Link

Is Sent To a Phone

And Is Clicked On,

It Opens The

Above Web Site.  Every "GoYoLo" device

is equipped with a 9

month replaceable battery.  "GoYoLo" is

battery powered and

does not require

cellular data or

 a WiFi connection.  Unlimited wireless messaging

with "No Monthly" fees

required With Beacon.

This Software Package

Is An

Extremely Powerful

Way To Help Create

Return And New Business

This Extremely Powerful Software Package Has A

One Time Purchase Amount And

Can Be Used For Years.

Manufacturer's Suggested

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